North Carolina
State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Laws and Rules

The Laws and Rules Book, which contains the General Statutes, Board Rules, and other introductory information about the Board, is available from the Board's office.

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General Statutes (State Laws)

Chapter 87, Article 2
87-16. Board of Examiners; appointment; term of office.
87-17. Removal, qualifications and compensation of members; allowance for expenses.
87-18. Organization meeting; officers; seal; rules; employment of personnel; acquire property.
87-19. Regular and special meetings; quorum.
87-20. Record of proceedings and register of applicants; reports.
87-21. Definitions; contractors licensed by Board; examination; posting license, etc.
87-22. License expiration and renewal; reinstatement.
87-22.1. Examination fees; funds disbursed upon warrant of chairman and secretary-treasurer.
87-22.2. Licensing of nonresidents.
87-23. Revocation or suspension of license for cause.
87-24. Reissuance of revoked licenses; replacing lost or destroyed license.
87-25. Violations made misdemeanor; employees of licensees excepted.
87-25.1. Board may seek injunctive relief.
87-26. Corporations; partnerships; persons doing business under trade name.
87-27. License fees payable in advance; application of.
87-27.1. Public awareness program.

Board Rules (21 North Carolina Administrative Code, Chapter 50)