North Carolina
State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors


Mandatory Continuing Education was eliminated by the Board in 2012, and is no longer required in order to renew licenses annually. The Board does encourage all licensees to continue to attend educational courses appropriate for their qualifications in order to remain current on codes, practices, technologies, and other subjects pertaining to the professional trades. 

Disciplinary Education was established in 2013. Licensees who are found to be in violation of the Board's Laws and Rules, or lacking in knowledge of codes, design, installation or business management practices may be required to complete Board-approved courses in order to comply with requirements agreed to by the licensee or ordered by the Board. These courses are also open to anyone who wishes to attend on a voluntary basis (fees may apply).

The following links provide information for licensees, applicants, and other interested individuals regarding courses of interest.

 Courses listed by category (business, fire sprinkler, fuel gas, HVAC, plumbing, & well) list the providers for that subject, and do not neccesarily meet the disciplinary education requirements.

Providers listed by name (State Board of Examiners, PHCC of North Carolina, & Umpire Technologies Group) are providers for the Board-approved special disciplinary courses. Again, these classes are open to anyone who wishes to attend on a voluntary basis.



Business Courses
Fire Sprinkler  Courses
Fuel Gas Courses  
HVAC Courses

Plumbing Courses
Well Courses  


Disciplinary Classes (Board-approved)

State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating & Fire Sprinkler Contractors
Board Laws & Rules Class - Click Here for 2020 Schedule

Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of North Carolina (PHCCNC)

Click Here for 2020 Schedule

- Special Plumbing Code and Design Course
- Special Fuel Gas Code and Design Course
- Well Seal Installation, Protection & Sanitation Course

Umpire Technologies Group

Click Here for 2020 Schedule

- Special Mechanical Code Course
- Special Mechanical Design Course
- Special Contractor Business Management Course

Disclaimer: The State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating & Fire Sprinkler Contractors (hereinafter referred to as “The Board”) provides limited information on voluntary education and exam preparation courses as a courtesy to course providers and prospective students. 

The Board typically does not review, approve, disapprove, or otherwise have any other oversight or responsibility with regards to the provider(s), instructor(s), content, audio/video/written or other forms of presentation media.  However, the Board reserves the right to refuse to list any objectionable or inappropriate materials on the website and/or in the newsletter, as well as any provider(s), instructor(s) and/or course(s) with which the Board has concerns with.

With the exception of Board-approved special disciplinary courses, the Board does not suggest, recommend, or otherwise endorse any courses.  The Board has no responsibility for the actions of individuals acting on information received in any course or class by any provider(s), instructor(s), or student(s).